Figure Friday: DC Universe Deadman

Published on May 14th, 2010

Package Description

Once a leading high-wire artist for a traveling circus, Boston Brand was felled mid-performance by an assassin’s bullet. Impressed by Brand’s many acts of kindness during his life, the goddess of balance, Rama Kushna, allowed him to return to Earth as a spirit to find his own killer. After avenging his death, Rama Kushna assigned Deadman the task of welcoming new souls to the afterlife. From time to time, Deadman has lent his assistance to living heroes in situations of interdimensional crisis.
Variant: DeadMan


Looking at this figure, even in its package you can tell this was Boston Brand and that he’s now Deadman. He is very tall and skinny, around the same height as Superman in the DCUC figures (Grodd  Series). The boney, skinny frame makes him look a bit sick. The lengthy proportions make me think of him as I see him in the  comics, since this is his most familiar look. He actually looks a bit like a Zombie, this works perfectly for the Deadman character. His face is amazingly detailed, which is somthing you want for someone who is undead, it’s just really stunningly done. As a kid I was not sure  if Deadman was here to help us out, or to scare the shit out of me. There’s a nifty darker gray added around the outside of his white eyes, while crooked teeth are deathly painted onto his blackened mouth. SEXY!!! One thing I don’t like is his collar, which feels way to plastic for me.


The figure moves just like a trapeze-artist.  This figure has standard articulation for a DC Universe Classics figure, such as ball joints at the shoulders and neck, swivels at the biceps, waist, wrists and thighs, and hinges at the elbows, torso, knees and ankles, so the balance is GREAT. What can I say I had fun playing with him as I was working on this review which is always a plus in my book.


Final Judgment 10/10

Oh, a 10 out of 10. I think you could say its a safe bet that Deadman would be a great purchase. Here is why…

  • 1. Looks great on your desk at home or work
  • 2. A lot of fun to play with
  • 3. The painting and the articulation is great on this figure
  • 4. Some great details
  • 5. I don’t give out 10/10 just for fun. The figures have to work for it.

So there you go, also I hope that the Blackest Night Deadman figure will not suck but its hard to tell with DC Direct toys. I feel that only Mattel knows what the fuck they’re doing when it comes to DC Comics and there figures.

Simon Daoudi