A Real Life Super Hero Saves Seattle!!!

Published on May 4th, 2010

electronboy1With many articles on Comic Impact we try to give you all the news on all the fake heroes you can possibly handle. It isn’t often that we get to bring you news of an actual, real life hero.Today is the day that it happens thanks in part to a news story in the Seattle Times! It isn’t Kick Ass or some film adaptation of a “Bru” comic I am talking about this is the “Real Deal”. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you ….Electron Boy!

Electron Boy aka Erik Martin is doing something most of us will (hopefully) never have to do, fight liver cancer every day.But like you ,our good readers, and us here at Comic Impact ,he loves comics and comic book characters! The 13 year old from Bellevue Washington spent April 29th living out his biggest dream granted to him by the local Seattle Make A Wish Foundation. Erik became a real life super hero for a day and this is his story.

Upon waking up Erik received a phone call from his friendly ,albeit, long distance neighborhood Spider-man urgently requesting his help to take down “Dr. Dark “and “Black Out Boy”. Spidey explained that they had taken the MLS team the Seattle Sounders hostage and locked them in their very own Qwest field locker room.Upon hearing this news Erik or Electron Boy suited up in his red and blue tights and raced to Qwest field to rescue the Sounders in a DeLorean driven by an older super hero friend Moonshine Maid and given an escort of  20 motorcycle officers from the Bellevue Police Department and King County and Snohomish sheriff’s offices all the way to The Sounders Stadium.


“They shut down 405 — they shut down I-90,” marveled Moonshine Maid, aka Misty Peterson. “I thought it would just be me, in the car.”

electronboy3When Electron Boy reached Qwest Field, he was directed by frantic fans to the Sounders locker room, where the entire team was shouting for help behind jammed doors. With a little help from Lightning Lad, the alter ego of local actor Rob Burgess, Erik opened the door with his lightning rod and freed The Sounders!Just like all other super heroes however his work was just begging for as he was being awarded a signed soccer ball and jersey by the greatful team the jumbo tron sprung to life with a message to Electron Boy from Dr. Dark and Black Out boy.”Electron Boy, I am Dr. Dark and this is Blackout Boy,” sneered an evil voice, as the villain — Edgar Hansen, and his sidekick Jake Anderson, both of Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” — taunted the young superhero. “We are here to take over Seattle and make it dark!” There was then a video of a Puget Sound Electric employee trapped a top his bucket truck in front of the Bellevue Headquarters. This sounded like a job for Electron Boy so off he went to save yet another citizen in need!After arriving on the scene and with some 250 on lookers Electron Boy averted yet another disaster and saved the PSE employee who was perched precariously in his small prison given to him by Dr. Dark.One of the 250 PSE employee’s had this to say as she watched his heroic deeds unfold.

“It was so loud, people in office buildings were looking out the window,” said Make-A-Wish communications director Jeannette Tarcha.

Having saved a MLS soccer team in a jam and put a Puget Sound Electric employee back on the ground again he knew that he had to stop these villains once and for all! Electron Boy was told that Dr. Dark and Black Out Boy where holding people hostage at the Observation deck a top the Seattle Space Needle so Electron boy was off to put an end to their reign of terror!Arriving at the Space Needle to a cheering crowd Electron Boy, The DeLorean, Moonshine Maid ,Lighting Lad and 20 of Seattle’s finest pulled up to confront the villainous Duo. As Electron Boy leaped out of his car Dr. Dark yelped “How did you find us, Electron Boy?” To which Erik’s reply was not words but in true super hero form….deeds.He hit them with his lighting rod sword freezing them in there evil steps and let the cops cuff them and take em’ away!

Erik had saved the day and even had time to pose for the camera’s and give a few interviews as well as check out some of the motorcycles the police officers had.Electron Boy had given Seattle back to it’s people and thus made them proud of there local hero.Over flowing with gratitude they awarded him with the key to the city and declared April 29th “Electron Boy Day”.But the proudest of any of Seattle’s residents that day was surely Judy Martin , Electron Boy’s Mom who had this to say about her little hero!
“Erik goes to school when he’s able, but is often too tired. He hasn’t had this much energy in a long time,” she said. “They called it the power of the wish, and they’re right.”
Erik’s only parting words to his bevy of onlookers and fans was one that would fill any ones eye’s with tears of joy and happiness for the little hero. Put simply and with a big smile “This was the happiest day of my life” and with that in his heart he will continue the good fight.
If you would like to find out more about the Make A Wish Foundation you can go here. If you would like to be a fan of Electron Boy aka Erik Martin you can here.
Sheldon Lee