Casting News: Captain America

Published on May 27th, 2010

254545Recently announced as the latest actor to join the ranks of the cast in the upcoming Captain America movie, is iconic actor, Tommy Lee Jones. Jones, the infamous American actor of 63 years, will star along side Chris Evans (Captain America ), Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) and Hugo Weaving (Red Skull) in a currently unconfirmed role in Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster hit.

So far, the actors announced as signed on for this film seems to be pretty prolific stars. Tommy Lee Jones was most recently seen in the Coen brother’s adaptation of the novel; ‘No Country For Men’, which got some great reviews worldwide. I know I liked it.

Who Jones will play in Captain America remains a mystery, and how much of an impact his character’s role will have in the film is all yet to be revealed. We can only hope to see his face make more than just a mere cameo.

Having stared as Two-Face in what is generally accepted as one of the worst adaptations of DC’s Batman in all of history, this will surely bring him back into the hearts of many comic fans who puked on their TV screens back in the 90s or whenever it was that that dreadful film came out.

I am optimistic so far about the casting for this film, and from what I’ve heard.. I think it should be good. So far, so good Marvel, keep it up.

Rob Andrews