Volcano means No New Comics for the UK

Published on April 21st, 2010

iceland-volcanoSo I don’t know if you heard, but Iceland has this pretty awesome volcano right, and recently, it decided to throw this huge party for all it’s friends and everyone got  bit drunk. It turns out the volcano is a lightweight though, and it vomited everywhere. I think it’s still throwing up today.

But ever since Mr Volcano decided to get so drunk he got sick, it looks like humanity has to wait around until it’s decided to stop spewing here, there and everywhere, and go to sleep again.

Obviously, I’m talking about the recent volcano eruption in Iceland, it didn’t throw a party and get drunk.. it just decided to piss everyone off. If you’re reading this from your home in Europe or the UK (like I), then you’ll be totally aware of this. You’ll also be wondering “what does this mean for my weekly comics?”. Well according to Diamond, it doesnt mean anything but bad news I’m afraid.

Diamond won’t ship comics to the UK this week because of this volcanic ash in the air which I don’t think anyone has seen aside from my Grandma, who I still don’t believe has seen any.

According to Diamond, comics will be delayed until flights resume, and that there might be further delays ontop of that, as passenger flights take priority right now, and cargo flights take second priority. So we could be looking into next week perhaps.

What a bummer!

The good news however, is that most UK airports have opened up the skies once more, and most flights are going about their daily routine. Hopefully it won’t be long before us UK folk get our comics! I guess I won’t be on the Pick of the Week podcast this week then! Tut!

Rob Andrews