Sneak Peek: Steve Rogers Super Solider

Published on April 17th, 2010

We broke you the news of the Secret Avengers as they were being revealed, and we even revealed the entire cast of Ed Brubaker’s Secret Avengers just a few days ago. Now, with regards to the advert depicting the entire cast of the Secret Avengers, everyone seemed a bit stumped as to who the blonde haired character was in the foreground, wearing an unfamiliar costume, which slightly resembled something with a Captain America feel.

supersoldier1Well, writer and creator of the Secret Avengers, Ed Brubaker, now tells us that it is indeed the one and only Steve Rogers.

Yes, Brubaker is playing way out in the deep field here, giving Mr. Rogers a whole new costume, and a role in a book which isn’t his own. This will have fans in confusion, frustration and probably uproar, although to some it may seem like an exciting new venture for the character.

This July, you can expect a 4 issue mini series titled, ‘Steve Rogers: Super Solider’, with art by the comic book superstar, Dale Eaglesham (of recent JSA, and Fantastic Four fame). This series will explain Steve’s role in the Marvel Universe once Siege has concluded, and hopefully explain relations with Bucky,

who is going to carry on as Captain America. Brubaker says we can expect to see Steve Rogers with a new look, on his own solo adventures outside the comic of Captain America, in which he only plays a minor role.

Brubaker also says that it makes sense for this mini series to take place, as he claims it to be a follow up on the recent, and arguably disappointing, ‘Reborn‘ storyline. ‘Steve Rogers: Super Soldier‘ is going to answer the question “Where’s Steve’s head at?”, and play into Secret Avengers and the Captain America series well.

So I assume that this series is going to be setting things straight, and letting us know what Steve’s thinking, and explaining his roles within various books that he should and will be, popping up in.

What I want to know though, is what alias or superhero name is Steve going to take up from now? He can’t go on calling himself Captain America, and surely he won’t run around calling himself Steve Rogers, so what are the plans there? Perhaps he’ll just be, ‘The Captain‘? With a new costume, as designed by artist Marko Djurdjevic, he’s going to need a new name, as people won’t know what he’s called.


Hearing this upcoming short mini-series plays into Secret Avengers, I’m hopeful that it is going to be an exciting, enjoyable and explanitory series. Let’s hope Ed Brubaker keeps his word!

Rob Andrews