Sneak Peek: Blackest Night 7 & 8 Figures

Published on April 19th, 2010

I love action figures, and I love most of DC’s hugely successful Blackest Night line. Sure I have been know to talk mad shit about these figures from time to time, but I still enjoy playing with a new one. Just ask my mastercard bill.

When I first heard about the Blackest Night figures, I wish they’d have made more Black Lanterns and thanks to the  seventh installment of the series we have some. The figures are: Black Lantern Superman, back from the dead…again; Sinestro Corps Member Arkillo, dissenter defeated, forever forced to wear his traitorous tongue around his neck; Red Lantern Mera, with a rage-filled heart, she allows the Red Ring of Power to drown her; Black Lantern Terra with Scar, resurrected to prey on the hearts of her former team members, Terra teams with near-death survivor Scar in an effort to eradicate all emotion in the Universe.

ComicImpact staff member Dana loves Terra. I am sure there times when she is home by herself that she dresses up as Terra and walks around the house. So I am sure she is looking forward to this figure. In this series I can’t wait to get my hands on Red Lantern Mera. I am not sure how I feel about the Red Lantern cat that comes with it, but it still looks cool. These figures go on sale November 24, 2010


Oh, would you like  more Blackest Night figures? Well we’re not done here. We can give you a look at the eighth installment of the series as well. Which consists of Black Lantern Black Flash, Professor Zoom’s reanimated corpse, who holds a curious sway over The Flash’s other undead rogues; Orange Lantern Lex Luthor, the new Orange Power Ring seeks out Lex Luthor for his avarice and lust for power; Indigo Tribe The Atom, with compassion and sense of duty stronger than ever, Ray Palmer serves as the binding force uniting the spectrum of power; Sinestro Corps Member Scarecrow, delights in instilling fear in others and is rewarded with the Yellow Ring of Power.

ComicImpact staff member Rob loves Scarecrow and I am sure he is going to ask me to get him one of these figures. I love Orange Lantern Lex Luthor and Professor Zoom. Well I guess we’ll found out if these figures are any good on December 8, 2010. Make sure to stay tuned to ComicImpact, we’ll review these figures as they come out. I would sill love a Dove figure. Yeah, I am talking to you, DC Direct!

Simon Daoudi