Review: The Flash Secret Files Origins 2010

Published on April 12th, 2010

Geoff Johns’ The Flash Secret Files:Origins 2010is a great read for fans new to The Flash. There is a short story giving you a glimpse into Barry Allen’s childhood. It’s really a sweet and sad story at the same time. You see a young Barry being bullied and picked and the counter to that is his close relationship to his mom. It’s the relationship with his mom that makes her tragic murder, he is still dealing with, more poignant as an adult looking for answers.


The small story also shows the bound of all the “Speedsters” when one is in conflict they all feel it and come together to help. Yes, that panel is a little cheesey with it’s group hug but it works. I don’t know how but Johns writes in a way you actually like that happy family moment and hope to see more of that interaction.  You also get all these villains going to the Mirror Master’s old factory where they find a huge glass that reads,”In Case The Flash returns Break Glass.” I for one can’t wait to see what will happen when that happens.

This great story is paired with amazing art by Scott Kolins and colors by Michael Atiyeh. You get these vibrant reds and yellows that are trademark flash with art that looks like it could possibly start moving at any moment.

One of the case files was very intriguing, Captain Boomerang. He had no information in his. It was all blacked out. Now, I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to find out more. There are two artists that contribute to these case files, Scott Kollins and Francis Manapul. Let me just say this, the pages in this book are beautiful! Everyone of them is just a joy to look at. If this is what the new series is going to be like I am going to look forward to the artwork every month.

The cover is by Francis Manapul and is completely eye catching. It shows Barry Allen running and his suit is manifesting from his ring. There is one thing I have come to really love about the Flash, the movement you see on the pages and this cover is nothing  less than amazing in that respect. I almost expect him to run off the cover completely. I also can’t say enough, how beautiful Manapul’s art is. I would love to own some of these original pages.

So overall, this kind of Introduction to The Flash was great for Flash newbies like myself. I learned quite a bit and am so excited to read more.

The Flash #1 is out Wednesday April 14. That’s right this coming Wednesday so make sure you pick up your copy along with The Flash Secret Files if you haven’t yet.

Christina Flores