Preview: Secret Avengers #1

Published on April 30th, 2010

If you enjoyed the sneak peek of Avengers #1 earlier on this week, then hopefully you’ll equally enjoy this preview of Secret Avengers #1. This is Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato’s latest comic, set for release on May 26th this year.

So in the pages we’ve been teased with, it looks like we’re seeing Valkyrie and Black Widow going undercover, for what I may as well assume at this point, to give this very naughty man the shock of his life. Instead of getting drunk with these fine ladies and having a bit of rumpy pumpy, they’re actually just going to knock his block off. This guy that our heroes have gone undercover to attack, must be someone rather important, because we see hordes of his goons flooding in through the door which we can see behind a well breasted Valkyrie (I did warn you in previous articles that she would only be there for the sex appeal!). At which point, our lady heroes bust some bad-ass kung-fu style moves, and Steve Rogers very impressively kicks his way through a frail excuse for a window (seriously, why don’t these bad guys have double glazing?)! But it still looks awesome!






I tell you, this book does look good. It really does, this is one book I am certainly looking forward too. However, each issue is priced at $3.99 just like Bendis’ heavily anticipated ‘Avengers‘ series is. Regardless, this is one series I will make sure my money goes towards, as long as it’s decent!

Rob Andrews