POW April 14th 2010:The Flash #1

Published on April 22nd, 2010

This week’s Pick of the Week goes to Sheldon, as Dana had the pick last week. Join Sheldon, Simon, Rob and Dana, as they guide you through the week’s best comics. It was a good week for comics let me tell you that!

Aside from all the usual comic book banter, you’ll get an exclusive and heated debate on the art of Alex Ross. As well as Simon admitting to getting a Captain Cold tattoo, if people send him enough money! A lot of hilarity in this episode, and as I mentioned, some awesome comics including some hit titles from the great publishers.Everyone gets to talk about something they like, and something they don’t like. So listen in, and enjoy.

Sheldon’s Pick is The Flash #1 by DC Comics. Also mentioned in this episode are comics such as Siege: Young Avengers, Siege: Captain America, Chew #10, New Mutants, Daytripper, Batgirl, Daredevil, Mindfield, Green Arrow and Brightest Day #0.

Rob Andrews


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