Is Tuesday the new Wednesday?

Published on April 27th, 2010

At the retailer’s summit occurring in Chicago before C2E2 last weekend, Diamond Comics, distributor of weekly comic book issues, floated the idea of moving the release day for comic books to Tuesday, with the comic book retailers paying 5 dollars a week more. They put the idea to a show of hands vote to the retailers in the audience, and Tuesday releases narrowly won out. Now it sounds as if this is all speculation and discussion amongst Diamond.


Why do they want to make comics come out on Tuesdays? Because of Hollywood. DC Comics ‘VP of Sales’ Bob Wayne, at the panel during the day of C2E2, said that he would try and get Warner Brothers to release DVDs in comic stores at the same time as they do in retail stores,  and to maybe have special DVD covers specially for those comic retailers. Aka ‘Variant Covers for your DVDs and Blu-Ray’.

As someone who works at a comic book store, and someone who has been reading comics for over 26 years, I hate the idea. I hated it when comics moved from Friday to Wednesday when I was a kid.

I hate that the Comic Book world needs Hollywood to save it. I am sorry but THE COMIC BOOK INDUSTRY  has saved Hollywood from having to think up new movie ideas. So many of the big movie hits recently, have come from comic books. They’re trying to be the cool kid and push the other kids around for their ideas, so they can make money off of them.

So DC if was thinking of producing a second Wednesday Comics series, they should probably start naming it Tuesday Comics… Eeewww, I feel dirty for saying that.

Simon Daoudi