Figure Friday: Indie Spotlight Katchoo

Published on April 30th, 2010

In last week’s Figure Friday, we talked with Bill Roshia from Shocker Toys. This week, we are going to take a look at Katchoo from Terry Moore’s ‘Stranger in Paradise’ series.  If you have never read ‘Stranger in Paradise’, then in my opinion you’re missing out on one of the best indie comic books of all time, and one of the best of Shocker Toys Indie Spotlight figures line.

Package Description
Katina ” Katchoo” Choovanski – The Original Angry Blonde,” Katchoo is a temperamental artist with a violent past. Katchoo’s story plays itself out over a second plot element a thriller style story  concerning the shadowy Big Six organization. Its leader is a woman named Darcy Parker,who uses highly trained women (of whom Katchoo was one) to infiltrate and to an extent control the American political system. It uses a non-linear approach to storytelling.putting in sequence elements of the story often years apart, and going back in time frequently.

When you first see this figure, your eyes go straight to her jeans and the great work Shocker Toys did with the paint on them. They look like she’s been wearing them for sometime, and they also have a nice texture to them. That’s a plus in my book , as I love it when you can see small details like that in figures. This makes the figure more natural and aesthetically pleasing.

The great detail doesn’t stop at her jeans. If you look at her left arm, then you will see some cuts or a tattoo, but for more on that, then you need to read ‘Stranger in Paradise’. She is as tall as the Maria Hill/Iron Man Marvel Legends Twin Packs from series 2. That’s a good size for a female sculpture, and her arms don’t make her look like a junkie, so thank you shocker toys! They also did a great job on the color of her hair too, it’s a yellow with orange gradient. She comes with one hand holding a gun (if you’re not a fan of that, then you can aways switch it for a hand that is not holding a gun, which comes included).  However, there is one thing that does not look right. When you look at her left leg, you can see one of the ball joints next to the hip joint. I am sure it is something that will be fixed in the upcoming line of figures.


It has been a long time since we featured a figure that I did not feel was going to break when I was playing it. When I do a Figure Friday, I play with the figure for a good week before I post the review, a lot times you can find the upcoming Figure Friday on my desk right next to my iMac.

So as I said, I have been playing with this figure for a week now, and I can’t tell you how great the articulation on this figure is. The elbows and knees all have two joints each for maximum range, so much so that I could be here all day singing my praise of them. This is some of the best articulation I have seen in a long time, Shocker Toys obviously know what fans want in a figure. Yet there is one other thing that is not so great about this figure, and that is the balance. If it had a  more weight, then this would not be a problem.

Final Judgment 9/10

Over all, 9 out 10 is not bad for a figure on Figure Friday. I know I can be an ass when it comes to reviews, but Shocker Toys have made a fun figure to play with. That’s a big plus in my book because that’s what figures are designed for, they’re not just to have and be kept in their packaging and never opened. I hope Shocker Toys follow up on this great figure with Francine and David figures, who are also from ‘Stranger in Paradise‘. If you’ve never read ‘Strangers In Paradise, why not buy it form our amazon link!

Simon Daoudi