Figure Friday: Blackest Night Indigo Lantern

Published on April 9th, 2010

Yep it’s that time of the week again, when we take a look at various action figures here at Comic Impact. Find out if this figure is what you’ve been dreaming of owning, or if it is just something you can skip over. So, join me as I review  Blackest Night: Series 2 Action Figure: Indigo Lantern from the people over at  DC Direct.  Also, I am sorry there was no Figure Friday last week, I was out of town.

Package Description

The nameless and mysterious Indigo,leader of the Indigo Tribe,Is the personification of compassion. She wields a staff-like totem of power in place of a ring and bears the standard of her Cops on her tattooed from.


She is way too tall for me, she is taller than the Green Lantern: John Stewart figure.  To be honest, I don’t care about the Indigo Lanterns, I just want a set of all the different color lanterns. Her face looks like she is getting fucked up the ass, it is the worst face design I have seen on a figure in my life. I like her design in the books, but this figure makes me want to throw up my lunch.  I know she is tall and very lanky but her arms look like she is a junkie who has been shooting up heroin.Why is it so hard to make a great female sculpture? That goes for all the toy-makers out there. The sculpture looks like shit as her arms are as fat as Calista Flockhart giving you a hand job.

There is one good part to this figure however, which is the shiny paint. However, I don’t feel like buying a figure just because it has a nice, shiny paint job. Sorry, but I want more than that in my figures.



This is the main problem with this figure. I don’t understand how this sculptor got the ‘OK’ to make this figure, because her ass is so far out, it is not in the same zip code and I love a nice ass, but come on now.

WAIT! A ringbearer with no ring, and no sculpted fist on her ring hand. What the fuck DC Direct? And no paint drop pretending to be one?

Articulation is always a weak point with DC Direct, and this figure shows why. Her head range is… sorry, I was making a joke… since her head has no range.  Since she comes with a staff, how about some cut wrists and a bicep swivel? That would be nice.

Final Judgment 0/10

SAVE YOUR MONEY and go buy yourself a Comic Impact t-shirt. But I guess if you have money to waist, then fine, go out and buy this figure which would look better in a trash can than anywhere next to your other figures. This may be the worst figure I have seen in my entire life. I have no compassion for this figure, but please have some compassion for me since I had to review this shit on a stick, by which I mean this action figure.

Simon Daoudi