Casting News: Spider-Man

Published on April 12th, 2010

Spider-man…whew where do I begin. I wrote an article about Amazing Spider-man and my feelings on that about 2 weeks ago and now they break some news on the reboot of the franchise. First off let me say to all the fan boys whining about how bad they think this is going to be and how having a young kid doesn’t make since……..go out and buy or watch 500 Days of Summer. Why you ask? Well I am glad you did because Director Marc Webb (Hey his last name is Webb) will be taking the helm as Director for this new fresh take on Spider-man. Marc Webb did an absolutely AMAZING job on 500 Days of Summer and I have complete faith that he will continue to impress with Spider-man! He also has said on many interviews already that his favorite Spider-man stories have been Bendis on the Ultimate line. So stop your whining!This could be a good thing.

loganlerman-spidermanparkercomicsNow onto the all important casting. As of Sunday afternoon every one including the director is saying that Logan Lerman is almost 100% locked for the role of Peter Parker. Almost being the key word here as he is just in the beginning talking stages according to The Hollywood Reporter. I can honestly tell you I have maybe seen him in one role but he certainly could carry the role of a young awkward Peter Parker extremely well! He is definitely the every man that Peter is supposed to be. This bit of casting certainly is in line with the things I have been told about the story elements and  how they are going more in line with the Ultimate Universe and keeping him younger in High School, juggling being a superhero and being just a normal guy.

I loved the early spiderman stories as well as the Ultimate line. To me the real character building stuff  took place early in his life. With the Sam Rami spidey he was far to quick to push him through high school and then college. I also feel Rami was too stuck to what his idea of what Spider-man was which in the end pushed fans away (Me included) more then anything else. I hope they learn that Spidey can defeat an enemy with out killing them and that with great power comes great responsibility…….I had to sorry.

Sheldon Lee