Sneak Peek: Avengers The Children’s Crusade

Published on April 23rd, 2010

As comic fans we’re always guessing what will come next for our favorite characters and creators. We bitch when we don’t like something and we beg for more of what we do. In my experience I don’t often get my way but I recently experienced a bought of serious instant gratification concerning my hopes for the Young Avengers.

If you listened to the POW podcast for April 14th, you’ll have heard me go on about my love for the Young Avengers and how glad I was to see this team play a part in Siege.  I also mentioned that there seems to me to be a significant demand for a new series that features these characters and lucky for me Marvel has announced a new 9-issue, bi-monthly series called Avengers: The Children’s Crusade.

Hallelujah! The comic gods will provide! For once in my life my desires have become comic fact and in addition to seeing more from the Young Avengers I get a book written by Allan Heinberg with art by Jim Cheung. That’s right, Heinberg and Cheung, the original creators of the team will be taking on this series.

I know what you’re thinking…There is no possible way that this could get better? No way that Marvel could further read my mind and give me EVERYTHING I’ve ever wanted in an Avengers book. In fact, they have given into my wildest Avengers whimsy! In addition to a book starring my favorite teen team (sorry Runaways) this series will also feature the Avengers, Magneto, Quicksilver and the return of Scarlet Witch.


The main story to be told is the return of Scarlet Witch. The various groups of characters will be searching for her and dealing with the fallout of her return.  While I am desperate to see the reunion within the Maximoff family the real drama of the story will come with the ultimate reveal as to the parentage of Young Avengers Wiccan and Speed, who are likely to be Wanda’s offspring. They have been dancing around a definitive answer for quite some time and these characters deserve resolution.

We’ll also get to see what is essentially the continuation of the struggle from House of M between various members of the hero community who will no doubt again butt heads about what to do with Scarlet Witch once she is found.   Is she to be punished for the events of M-Day?  Is she in fact too powerful to be kept to her own devises? Should she even be kept alive? When Wanda disappeared this debate lost it’s heat but now it will have to be revisited.

This series has amazing potential to develop some great characters by really putting them to the test. If this comic turns out half as good as I hope it will be I may have to send the folks over at Marvel some cookies.  Avengers: The Children’s Crusade is scheduled to begin in July, until then you can read up on these characters in Young Avengers, Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways and Young Avengers Presents available in TPB. I bet you can even click on that Amazon bar to the right and find them. You’ll thank me later.

#1 Wiccan and Hulking Fan

~Dana Shukartsi