Sneak Peek: Secret Avengers

Published on April 18th, 2010

Holy fucking Moly! The line up for the Secret Avengers team seems to be expanding on a daily basis, with the amount of reveals Marvel are leaking! It seems like I’m updating you everyday with new snippets of news about Ed Brubaker’s highly anticipated new Avengers series, to be launched in a few months.

In the past 3 or 4 days, we’ve had reveals like you’ve never seen before with regards to this team. Moon Knight and Valkyrie, then Nova and Steve Rogers, and now (just when you thought it was all over, and there was nothing else to be revealed) we have another reveal for you!

This sneak preview artwork was revealed very recently, showing the team as we knew it, but with two new characters. This is a leaked image from Marvel Comics.


The Irredeemable Antman and Black Widow. As can be seen above, these appear to be the two new players to be involved in this comic. Now, whether their roles are going to be major or minor, we cannot tell you yet. We just know that somewhere, they might show up.

Ed Brubaker says that the Secret Avengers are a ‘military-based team’. Having heard him say that, it does not surprise me to see Black Widow show up, the day after Steve Rogers was revealed.

Hopefully, this is it for updates on the Secret Avengers, but the thing is, you can never tell!

Rob Andrews