Review: WISDOM Rudiments of Wisdom

Published on March 15th, 2010

Pete Wisdom has a lot of fairies to kill. Yes, fairies are supposed to be nice and magical and charming, but they are currently attacking England. And that’s just the beginning.Mystical giants are threatening the Midlands, an ancient dragon is leading the Welsh Mafia, and the Martians…well you don’t want to know what they have planned.Hugo Award nominee Paul Cornell (BBC’s Dr. Who and Robin Hood) brings you a sci-fi mini-series unlike anything you’ve seen before! Collects Wisdom #1-6

wisdomThat is what reads as the back cover to Marvel MAX WISDOM: Rudiments of Wisdom.This book is part Hellboy, part Dr.Who, and part James Bond. The brilliant Paul Cornell has an ease in writing these characters and it is ashamed  he is not currently doing so with Captain Britain and MI-13 ,to which these characters go on to appear. He has a way of writing this band of English superheroes like no one else really has in the Marvel Universe (with the exception of Christos Gage on Union Jack:London Falling) and I appreciate that immensely!

The 6 part mini series, or the prologue to Captain Britain and MI-13 as I like to call it, consist of Pete Wisdom,Tink,Captain Midlands,John the Skrull and Maureen Raven. Throughout the series they are up against all types mythical legends from England’s past and must do everything in there power to Keep Calm and Carry On. And maybe even have time for a Skrull Beatles reunion. On paper the ideas seems abit funny and you would think that they would be carried out in a more comical manner but in all reality they are masterfully written in a realistic manner that has you wondering who might not make it all the way to the end of book 6!

I would love to see a meshing together of the Union Jack  team and MI-13 fighting against more of the mystical beings and legends from story books that might threaten England’s shore! Maybe the team could consist of say Union Jack,Pete Wisdom, Tink,Captain Midlands,Captain Britain,Sabra,Spitfire,Faiza Hussain aka “Excalibur” and the new Arabian Knight.Heck you could even have an Englands Avengers title and bring in even more people!That is most definitely a book I would pick up monthly Marvel, especially if  Paul Cornell was writing it and Travis Hairsine or Mike Perkins were drawing it!*Hint*Hint*MAKE IT HAPPEN!I will say this trade may not be for every one but if you are a fan of  anything that I have mentioned above then you will at the very least want to borrow a friends copy and read it.

Sheldon Lee