POW March 3rd 2010: The Invincible Iron Man #24

Published on March 10th, 2010

Comic Impacters, let me tell you that YOU are in for one hell of a treat if you listen to this week’s edition of the Pick Of The Week podcast! Believe you me! Listen in as Simon, Sheldon, Rob and special guest for the week, Sarah, take you on a voyage to hell and back, quite literally! Simon get’s the pick, as Rob chose CHOKER #1 last time round. Dana has developed tyfloid (I can’t spell that disease I don’t think, but I won’t worry about it) after she neglected her meditcation for the sex infection she had, so she’s M.IA this week.

I don’t really know if I want to give you a little blurb about what was talked about in this weeks show, but I suppose I’d best, otherwise you might suffer from some sort of mental breakdown if you’re not prepared! Sarah brings bad influence upon the gentlemen this week, as she starts everyone talking about horse cock (be it too the like or dislike of everyone else), which is crazy enough for starters! Other than that, you’ve got Simon who tells us how creeped out he was by Brian Wood and his crazy, cannibalistic ideas! Which leaves Rob and Sheldon as the only two who maintain at least a ‘Fraction‘ (get it… huh? huh?) of their sanity come to the end of the show!

I’ll just let you people have a listen, and find out for yourselves!

This week’s Pick is The Invincible Iron Man #24 from Marvel Comics. Also discussed in the podcast are Prelude To Deadpool Corps #1, Crossed #9, Ultimate Comics: Avengers #5, New Ultimates #1, Detective Comics #862, Chew #9 and Demo #2.

Rob Andrews


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