Variant Covers: Iron Man

Published on March 8th, 2010

Wow, more Iron Man news coming out today. I am just going to call it ‘Iron Man’ week. Well it looks like good old Shellhead will be the star of a few Marvel Variant Covers. Like I have posted before, I don’t care about variant covers, but I do enjoy nice artwork and I love the Mike Del Mundo variant that comes with Daredevil #506.  I am not going to go out of my way to find it, but it is nice. We are sorry we don’t have the cover for New Mutants.

Here is the run down for all you Variant junkies.

•    Vengeance of the Moon Knight #7 variant is by Adi Granov and on sale April 7.
•    Uncanny X-Men #523 variant is by Mike Perkins, on sale April 7.
•    Amazing Spider-Man #628 variant is by Mike Del Mundo, on sale April 14.
•    Daredevil #506 variant by Mike Del Mundo, on sale April 14.
•    Deadpool Team-Up #894 variant by Greg Tocchini, on sale April 14.
•    New Mutants #12 variant by Gabrielle Dell’Otto, on sale April 14.


im_varinat_moonknight7 im_varinat_xmen523

im_varinat_ams628 im_varinat_deadpoolteanup894

Which one do you like best?

Simon Daoudi