Diesel Iron Man Cologne?

Published on March 30th, 2010

ironmancologneWith the huge success of  Iron Man the movie and the excitement leading up to Iron Man 2 on May 7th, you can’t fault companies for wanting to merchandise.  I’ve seen all sorts of things, from shirts, to frisbees (yes frisbees), to phone accessories with the Iron Man logo, colors and likeness all being sold to capitalize on what has become a very popular character even outside the regular comic buying community. What I didn’t expect to see however is limited edition Iron Man cologne from Diesel.

Yup! That’s right, Diesel is releasing the latest edition of their “Only The Brave” fragrance, this time in a special Iron Man bottle and box.  If you think about it it’s kind of perfect…how many comic book fans do you know who have an odor problem? This COULD BE the answer to smelly nerds everywhere and it’s an easy gift for the nerd who has everything. The fragrance will be available in stores in April for $67.50.

makecappedimagelWe should talk a bit about the quality of the product though.  The scent, is the same scent as all the previous editions of “Only The Brave” so essentially you’re buying this especially for the bottle and box, and sure it’s collectable but let’s really take a look shall we?  The bottle is a red hand with gold detail wearing what looks like Diesel brass knuckles.  Honestly this is a bit tacky and looks more like the D. Pooly variant cover from a few weeks  ago than Iron Man.  As for the box, any die hard fan can tell you that THAT’S NOT EVEN IRON MAN on the box…no, no, no, they instead put Iron Patriot on the box (for those not in the know, the current Identity of Norman Osborn, formerly Green Goblin). I can’t understand that decision. They can’t have been that stupid really, right? It must have been intentional, maybe because it’s a cool picture and they figured no one would notice, I really can’t say.


All in all I think this is kind of ridiculous but if it gets convention hall air breathable than sure, I’m in.  For those comic fans with a little less cash you’ll be happy to know this isn’t the only super hero themed fragrance on the market. Marvel previously released an entire line of superhero smells that you can find online for about $20 a bottle.

Stay Fresh

~Dana Shukartsi