ComicImpact on Facebook

Published on March 23rd, 2010

facebook_comicimpactGood news Comic Impact fans! If you simply can’t get enough of Comic Impact and you want to declare your love to the world, now you can.  In addition to owning our 2010 Comic Impact t-shirt (Coming Soon) you can now become a fan of Comic Impact on Facebook.

That’s right we now officially have a Comic Impact page where you can stay updated on the latest CI shenanigans and chat with everyone on the site about what you thought of our articles, picks and general hygiene.

Some of you might remember we had a Facebook group a while back, but this is the new rage, so move on up with us, you won’t be disappointed. We will be checking and updating frequently so feel free to leave us your feedback and share our page with all your friends…and enemies too, we don’t want anyone feeling left out.  And in case we forgot to mention, you can also follow us on Twitter. Go forth, spread the Comic Impact love…

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Dana Shukartsi