POW February 17th 2010:Incredible Hulk #607

Published on February 24th, 2010

This pick of the week podcast is a hoot and a half as Sheldon and Dana talk you through the noteable comics from the week of February 17th. But where are our French Captain and our British Bobby? Well, I should probably tell you they have the Clam…that’s like the Clap but way worse.

We’ll tell you more about the torrid affair that led to our boys’ ailment and try to fill the gaping hole in your hearts that in creates.

This week, Sheldon talks all about the wonders of Vibranium and how the Marvel Universe is obsessed with it. Dana discusses the wonderful world of Tiny Titans #25 and how it’s NOT just a book for kids. We also celebrate the first re-appearance of Simon’s favorite character in Uncanny X-Men #521.

Also in this episode, Batman #696, Supergirl #50, Doomwar #1, Amazing Spider-Man #621 and Shelodon’s Pick, Incredible Hulk #607

Dana Shukartsi


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