POW February 10th 2009:Hit Monkey One-Shot

Published on February 17th, 2010

Hey guys and gals welcome to this weeks pick of the week podcast!  Join Simon, Rob and Dana as they talk about some of the weeks best and most intriguing comics.  This podcast will answer all the burning questions you didn’t even know you had.

Dana has the pick this week, what book was a HIT with her?

What book is Rob so passionate about it made him leave early so he could go write all about it? (I could tell you but it’s a SECRET.)

And what book TRIPPED Simon out with it’s awesome art and moving storyline?

Also answered:

Who is Rick Jones?
Does Dan Didio have a personal vendetta against Dana he takes out on Dick Grayson?

ALL THIS and we manage to squeeze in talking about these comics: Adventure Comics #7, Batgirl #7, Secret Six #18, Hit Monkey #1, Spider-Man and the Secret Wars #3, Daytripper #3 and Ultimate Spider-Man #7.

Dana Shukartsi


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