Figure Friday: Blackest Night Kryb

Published on February 19th, 2010

This week we’re looking at the Kryb Blackest Night figure, from the second wave of Blackest Night figures, by the good people over at DC Direct. Let me tell you something, this is one fucking creepy figure.. but that works, since Blackest Night is the biggest story in comics right now, because the dead are rising.

Package Description
Long thought to be a terrifying myth in many sectors of the universe, Kryb’s obsession with patricide and her quest to imprison “liberated” infants in the cage-like sac on her back, has led her to set her sights on the children of the Green Lanterns Corps.

Ok, I am going to use this word one more time, ‘CREEPY’, because it’s a very disturbing figure. Great job by the sculptor (Mike Locascio)! It does make me fear her, which works since she is part of the Sinestro Corps. I love the awesome job they did on her face too.

The cage on her back can pop off and on easily, and the metallic paint looks great, it really makes the figure for me. I love that Hasbro and DC Direct are now using  these metallic paints.


We all know that DC Direct figures have very bad articulation (just read my Blackest Night John Stewart review), yet I do enjoy the the ball joints on the arms, and the swivel wrists and the sculpted crouch.  It does not work that great if you’re trying to use the stand that comes with her, just take a look at the photo to see what I am talking about. She also comes with two babies, which fit perfectly in Kryb’s hands or in her backpack/cage.

Final Judgment 8/10
I am more than happy with this figure, and it looks great with the other Blackest Night figures. I can’t wait to have a full set of all these Blackest Night figures one day. There is a shelf in my room waiting  for that set. I just wish that DC Direct would work on their articulation for these figures. Even so, this is a great figure and a MUST have for fans of the Blackest Night storyline.

Simon Daoudi