Figure Friday: Blackest Night John Stewart

Published on February 5th, 2010

So it’s friday and it’s time for a new Figure Friday, so this week we are going  to take a look at a Green Lantern John Stewart figure from Blackest Night. So far these toys  have not been the best around, but yet I have been loving the DC  Comic’s Blackest Night story. To be honest I know that DC Direct’s figures are not the best figures to play with, they’re more figures that are there to sit nicely on your  shelf.

Now on with the review.

Package Description

Currently the only Green Lantern permanently assigned to protect Earth,John Stewart has established himself as a prominent force in the Corps.His superior will focused through the orderly mind of an architect is unmatched.

From just looking at this figure you can see this is Green Lantern John  Stewart at his best. This is a VERY tall figure and has some great  green texture on his suit which, a suit which hides all the joints, and the body looks very  flowing and natural. The people over at DC Direct did a GREAT job on his  face, and it feels like I am looking at a real face and not that of a figure.
The mouth and eyes are some of the best I have seeing on any figure  since I have been buying figures. It look like they took their time on  his face.

His muscles however, are too exaggerated on his chest. He also comes with a  Lantern (That I was missing with my figure), yet both of his hands are  closed.. so what’s up with that DC Direct ? There is no way in hell he can  hold his Lantern. He also comes with a stand that has the Green Lantern logo  on it. This helps a lot since he doesn’t stand up right.
Aw, now this is where this figure sucks. The big one, because he has NO  articulation, there is no GREAT dynamic poses for this John Stewart of Earth. His  head, sadly, does NOT move at all. His torso does not move also. He is so stationary, he is harder  than an old man on viagra. Over all, this figure has NO good articulation. The  range of motion in the arms is slightly limited. So good luck if you  want to make him have some cool poses. Because I think it will be easier for you  to make a time machine, than having this figure do any great action poses.

Final Judgment: 2/10
Overall this figure sucks, so it gets a 2 (because of his face design and the  paint job) but over all, it’s bad. If you’re not trying to get a set of Green  Lantern’s, then I would say skip this toy.

Simon Daoudi