Book Of The Month: Fables vol.1

Published on February 1st, 2010

It’s the start of a new year, which means it’s the start of a new feature here at Janurary 2010 welcomes the start of the new ‘Book Of The Month’ podcast for the site! On the 1st day of every given month, we will deliver a new Book Of The Month podcast. This is where each of us podcasters here on the site, take turns picking a TPB for us each to all read once a month, and we review it for you.

To start the new year off, Janurary’s book is picked by Rob, and he’s chosen the Fables volume 1 TPB (available from the Amazon link on the right hand side of this webpage), which collects the first 5 issues of this iconic indie beauty, in one sweet story arc. Join Simon, Dana, Chris (special guest and Fables fanatic!) and Rob, as they give you their thoughts and opinions on this first TPB of Fables. Dana and Rob describe reading this TPB as being as enjoyable as gracefully floating down the most beautiful river in the world, in a state of pure bliss and excitment. It’s just you have to watch out for Bill Willingham  who sometimes stands at the shore of this river throwing his facial hair at you.

To find out whether that means if they all enjoyed Fables volume 1, then you’ll just have to listen! So let us take the reigns this month, and give you a damn good overview for this book.

Rob Andrews


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