Tea Time Thursday: The Gentleman Ghost

Published on January 14th, 2010

I’m back this week, after last weeks unusual absence, which came around through no fault of my own I assure you. The snow here has been horrific, and it stopped me from getting into the city to pick up my comics, so I had nothing to work with for 2 weeks. Sucks right? Yeah, well you know how things go, but finally, these past few days the snow has been clearing, and I was able to catch up on all my comics and whatnot. As well as managing to get a cool new comic to cover for today’s Tea Time Thursday blog.


This week I’ve got Jack Fallow’s comic ‘The Gentleman Ghost‘ (not the DC Comics character, no fucking way, this Gentleman Ghost kicks the other guys butt). This was a new book in store when I went in this week, so I thought to myself, “you know..priced at a modest £2, I think I’ll get this!”. It certainly looked amusing from the front cover, a gentleman ghost, what a cool little concept. I mean, not to mention that I couldnt exactly turn this down when the ghost is wearing a bowler hat and is smoking a pipe..Who smokes pipes these days?.. no one but this ghost!

It’s a short comic, with only 11 pages of story and comic strips, but do not fret. I shall explain why this comic was totally worth it. First off before I get into the story, I want to say something about Jack’s artwork. It is really cool, nice black and white stuff. His drawings are manga-esque (as you can see from the images in this article) , it’s cute and slightly… (dare I put my sexuality on the line here).. ‘adorable’. I mean you’d have to be kidding yourself to not see how this artwork doesn’t make you fall head over heals for this character already. It’s very hard to put into precise words, exactly what it is about artwork like this, that appeals so much, to so many people. It’s just a lot of fun I suppose is the correct word. Yeah, it’s totally ‘fun’ artwork, and it fits the style of the comedy in the stories perfectly.

The comic, in terms of individual strips that tell their own story, is split into 4 seperate stories. The first is a 2 page comic called ‘Current Events’ about a ‘morning routine’ for the Gentleman Ghost, and how he wakes up, and starts his day by going to buy a newspaper. It’s a neat little story to get things going. A lot of simple but cool panels in it, and not a lot of dialouge at all until the last 3 panels. But it’s good. The second story is not actually a comic.. it’s a written story with little pictures drawn here and there, that depict what’s going on at various points in the story. It’s also a mummery (wiki time for ya’ll who don’t know what one is) that the Gentleman Ghost does as a performance for his dog, so it’s a tale of long ago about a ghost who goes on the hunt for a giant worm that is reaking havoc across the land. It’s a cleverly written story, with everything rhyming, which is good because it keeps you interested and keeps up the pace. It’s a lot of fun as it’s also written to include nice plot twists and some good laughs! The third story is called ‘A Man’s Best Friend’, and it’s very philosophy based. The Ghost talks to himself whilst making his dog it’s dinner, about existentialism (which I won’t explain as I can’t guaruntee I’ll be able to maintain you interest for no longer than about 10 minutes, but look it up if you don’t know what it is about) and has a funny little joke at the end which you will probably only find funny if you understand existentialism. Although having said all this, the Ghost actually does an awesome job of explaining existentialism in this story… so there you go, buy the comic and you’ll learn something about existentialism! Rejoice! But all in all, this third story was the most amusing of the lot I thought! The forth story, is on the back cover and it’s very short. It tells us how this Ghost became ‘The Gentleman Ghost’. All jolly good stuff in this comic if you ask me.

What can we gather from today’s ramblings? That this comic was a lot of fun! Check out Jack’s website at www.jackfallows.com. Try this comic out, and have a laugh! I’ll see you soon readers… you stay classy San Diego.

Rob Andrews