Sneak Peek: Guardians Of The Galaxy #23

Published on January 23rd, 2010

It’s a saturday morning, I’m preparing for my day. I’m chilling out listening to some John Mayer on the radio and surfing the ‘net. Next thing I know, my keyboard is soaked in drool because I’ve just stumbled across a preview image for the cover to Guardians Of The Galaxy #23 by Alex Garner.

Realm Of Kings was seen in for Guardians Of The Galaxy with the death of half of the team, including Adam Warlock (The Magus). This was a huge step to have taken a few months back when it happened, and if you’ll remember.. the issue where it happened (#19) was my Pick Of The Week, and also one of my favourite single issues of 2009.


So with the Magus currently dead… is the cover for #23 suggesting a possible return? In my book, as much as I thought he would stay dead for a while when he died, I am starting to think he will return now I’ve seen this cover.

Guardians Of The Galaxy #23 comes out in Feburary, continuing the quite literally epic Realm Of Kings saga. Make sure you pick up Guardians Of The Galaxy #22 next week to get in on this series. Give Comic Impact your thoughts and comments.

Rob Andrews