POW January 20th 2010:Dark Wolverine #82

Published on January 27th, 2010

This week there are a lot of theories thrown around and debated with regards to certain comics, so check this out for those. The Pick of the Week this week involves Simon, Sheldon & Rob keeping the tempo up and giving you your weekly comic reviews! Sadly Dana is unable to join us as she is preparing for something HUGE! But let the guys be your guide through what was hot and was not this week. Sheldon has the PICK this week and choses a book that Simon and Rob didn’t see coming!

Not to mention the guys also talk about other certain areas of interests. There is an idea thrown around that Larry David should feature in Uncanny X-Men. And that Arni fits well into any comic situation. Also, Rob becomes Comic Impact’s very own fashion guru!

Sheldon’s pick is Dark Wolverine. Other comics discussed in this issue are The Phantom Stranger #42, The Flash: Blackest Night, Incredible Hulk, Uncanny X-Men #520, Joe The Barbarian #1, Dark Avengers #13 and Captain America 602.

Rob Andrews


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