New Avengers NO MORE!!!

Published on January 18th, 2010

new_avengers_finale1So this is kind of sad news for me as my favorite Marvel book  (New Avengers) will end after Siege will be done. Sure it makes a lot of sense. After Dark Reign is coming “The Heroic Age” will be here.

Since the goal of Siege is to have the Avengers back as one team, the fall of Norman Osborn and all the Dark Reign stuff to come to an end, there is no longer a need for a book call Dark Avengers.  Personally, I enjoy Dark Avengers a lot since it debuted in early 2009 and New Avengers made me fall in love with Bendis. Brian Michael Bendis and artist Bryan Hitch have been collaborating on a 64-page one-shot called New Avengers: Finale. That will be the last New Avengers as far we know.

When people ask me what super hero comics to read I tell them all the time to pick up New Avengers, for me it’s been the best super-hero book by far since 2004. Now the Avengers franchise is not over yet as I am sure there will be a New Avengers comic coming later this year called Avengers. I am a little worried about the relaunch. I hope Bendis gets to continue writing a book as good or better as New Avengers.

IGN broke this news on Friday  they have some  artwork and  they have some  outlines  of the final issues of all the titles being canceled, as well as the final issue to New Avengers.

Simon Daoudi