Marvel Zombies 5 is the way.

Published on January 15th, 2010

Fred Van Lente has just been announced over at Marvel, as the writer to take on the challenge of Marvel Zombies 5, along with artist Kano. This comes as no surprise, as Van Lente was put on the task of dealing with the Marvel Zombies back when he wrote Marvel Zombies 3.

The series will run for 5 issues, as is expected (and the usual) for a Marvel Zombies limited series, and it will kick off in April. It seems that April is really the month to watch over at Marvel.

Van Lente has said this about what he intends to do with this series.


“What I’ve tried to do ever since they gave me the Zombies assignment was to do something different every time,” explains the writer. “Folks who read Marvel Zombies 4 know that at the end Jack Russell, Werewolf by Night, was infested with the zombie virus. Morbius the Living Vampire wants to cure his friend and in order to do that he needs to somehow figure out a way to unlock a cure for zombie-ism. He recruits his old pal Machine Man from Marvel zombies 3, who is back and is again the star of the series, and sends him across the multiverse to take samples from different kinds of zombies.”

Van Lente has also said that in each issue, the zombies will be different to last as based on zombies from different areas of zombie pop-culture. So in one issue, the zombies might be in the style of a George Romero zombie, while in the next issue, the zombies might appear to be as if they were zombies from 28 Days Later.  Which is certainly an interesting idea! Van Lente has also mentioned that each issue will have a completely different backdrop.

“We’ve got zombies in the Old West, we’ve got zombies in Killraven’s War of the Worlds, we’ve got zombies in Camelot,” he exclaims. “I like the storytelling challenge of taking a straight-forward genre and twisting it into pretzels. It’s also fun to come up with new ways to eviscerate zombies.”

Van Lente has also said that Machine Man will be making a comeback for this new series, and he expressed how much he enjoys writting Machine Man and being given the chance to explore his character, be it the classic hero version, or the drunken, drug abusing dude that we saw in Nextwave. Exciting stuff, I’d myself like to see Machine Man dealing with some personal issues like alcohol and drugs, it would be interesting, it’s not done that often anymore.

Marvel have said that Machine Man will have a sidekick of sorts with him for his adventures in Marvel Zombies 5, but unfortunatly, they are not willing to let the identity of this character be known! THE CHEEK! No its cool, it will be really exciting to see who this character is. Any guesses? Leave some comments below if you think you want to take a stab at who it might be!

I’ll leave you with this final quote from Mr. Van Lente himself.

“Morbius appears in Amazing Spider-Man #622 and it sort of bridges Marvel Zombies4 and Marvel Zombies 5 pretty well. Spider-Man  also plays an integral part in Marvel Zombies 5, but only a specific part of him. How’s that for cryptic?”

Mull that one over.

Rob Andrews