POW December 9 2009:Batgirl #5

Published on December 16th, 2009

Pick of the Week time again! With a little festive input as we get deeper into the festive season. Dana, Simon, Sheldon and Rob run you through this week’s books, with the usual antics from the gang.

You find out who has the best friendships on the team, as well as finding out that Rob has a fettish for demon girls (or so people say), while Dana still maintains that she likes girls. Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon surprise and shock the team with their new comic that started this week. Sheldon gets a little excited for Cap Reborn next week.

So Dana has the pick and she chooses Batgirl #5 from DC Comics. Also talked about in this podcast are New Avengers Annual #3 , Booster Gold # 27 , Adventure Comics # 5, S.W.O.R.D #2, Spider-Man Secret Wars #1, Amazing Spider-Man # 614, Secret Six #16, Invincible Iron Man # 21, Daytripper #1 and The DC Holiday Special.

Rob  Andrews


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