POW December 23 2009: Punisher #12

Published on December 31st, 2009

Welcome to in theory what is the very last Pick Of The Week podcast of the year! As next week there is only one comic. So join our internationally challenged friends Simon, Sheldon, Rob and Dana for what is probably one of the most outrageous and unorthodox episodes of the year! Believe you me, stuff happened last week!

Rob’s got the pick this week, and is joined my multi-national friends Sheldon from Scotland, and Simon from France (or is it Russia?). Dana is just her good usual self this week, but shes with the team giving it her all to fight off their arguably poor accent impressions!  If you are a fan of French wine, the film Trainspotting, or BBQs… then you might like this (which is arguably the biggest understatment of the year!). Regardless, the team give it their all and deliver another great show to wrap up the year and also another hot week of awesome comic books.

Rob’s Pick this week is Rick Remender’s and  Tony Moore’s wonderful ‘Punisher #12′. Also talked about in this episode is,Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield (One-Shot),Chew # 7 , Green Lantern #49,Teen Titans #78,Blackest Night: JSA #1 (of 3),Hellboy Bride Of Hell One Shot,Victorian Undead #2 (of 6),Fantastic Four #574 ,New Avengers #60

Rob Andrews


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