POW December 2 2009:Dark Avengers Annual #1

Published on December 9th, 2009

So much happened during this weeks POW, you definitely won’t want to miss out. Simon still hates the Sentry just like Dana still hates hybrid kids.

Logan finds inner peace after reading The Dalai Lama’s book. Find out how Dana manages to make Australia mad. The group agrees that Thor kicks ass even if Simon is not a fan of “Thor Speak.” Find out which Impacter Sheldon called after seeing Gorilla Grodd’s return to comics, just to tell them they will want to have Monkey Sex after reading it.  And what book has great art but an only ok story line. All this and the Big Shock of Simon picking the BIGGEST spoiler of the week!

The books mentioned this week are…The Marvels Project #4 (OF 8),Uncanny X-Men #518,X-Force Annual #1, Deadpool Team-Up #898,Thor # 604, Ultimate Spider-Man # 5 , Blackest Night Wonder Woman 1 of 3, Blackest Night The Flash 1 of 3, Cinederella # 2, JSA All Stars # 1, Siege Cabal, Dark Avengers Annual #1, Sweet Tooth # 4

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Simon Daoudi


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