POW November 25 2009:Blackest Night #5

Published on December 1st, 2009

Welcome back one and all, to another Pick of the Week with a full house of hosts. Simon, Dana, Sheldon and Rob muse you through this weeks selection of comic books. Sheldon had the pick last week with his favourite comic Dark Reign Spider-Man: The List, thus meaning it’s Robs turn to choose his favourite comic this week!

Rob’s Pick is Blackest Night #5 from DC Comics. Also featured in this podcast are overviews on Ultimate Avengers #4, New Avengers #59, Immortal Weapons #5, Ms Marvel #47, Guardians of the Galaxy #20, Superman: Secret Origins #3, Image United #1, Invincible Iron Man #20, Fantastic Four #573, Teen Titans #77, Justice League of America #39 and Green Lantern #48.

Hear about Rob’s somewhat unique reading experiences this week as he explains how passionate he got when reading Image United and Blackest Night. Simon and Rob debate with Sheldon and Dana the artwork of a Mr. Greg Land, and it gets a little heated! Also, it’s fair to say that the 3 boys do not care much for Ms. Marvel.

Plus, on behalf of all the comic team, we also want to wish Matt Fraction a happy birthday, for today! Happy Birthday Matt.

Rob Andrews


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