Sneak Peek: Hellboy The Bride Of Hell

Published on December 18th, 2009

When I go to pick up my comics next week on Christmas Eve, I can tell you that out of the reasonably meaty list of comics I’ll be getting, the one I will be most looking forward to reading is a brand new one shot from Dark Horse Comics, called ‘Hellboy: The Bride of Hell’.


As a particular fan of Mike Mignola’s fantastic Hellboy Universe, I always look forward to most books published that tell tales from within his universe, be it B.P.R.D, Lobster Johnson or Hellboy himself. The previous Hellboy one shot that came out earlier this year entitled ‘Hellboy: In The Chapel Of Moloch’ was in my list for the best comics to have come out in 2009, and now, to be handed another one, this makes me ever so excited to see what we are given when The Bride Of Hell hits the stores next week.

Written by Mike Mignola himself and with art by superstar Richard Corben, this is hopefully one to be thoroughly enjoyed. Dave Stewart’s gorgeous colouring is also going to be an artistic highlight to this book as well. The story is that Hellboy has tracked down a 19 year old girl, who has been kidnapped, to an eerie, remote clearing somewhere in southern France. He then finds out that this girl is about to be given as a sacrifice to the mythical king of demons; Asmodeus (featured in the real life Book Of Torbit, hit up wiki for more info on this demon). Apparantly Dark Horse have dubbed this one shot as a ‘strange tale of ghosts, demonic revenge, lost love and King Solomon’. Another day in life for the ol’ Hellmiester then I assume! No, that’s naughty of me to say such a thing, I am truly looking forward to picking this up. Priced at $3.50 you’ll get your money’s worth as its a Dark Horse Comic, which means less adverts and better quality paper, and also the fact that two superstars of the comics industry have worked on it.

This could be one of the best Christmas Eve’s ever, if it turns out to be a good comic. Which in my opinion and experience, I am going to bet my money that it will be. If I was you, I’d give this a check out at least. Comic Impact’s Rob gives you the seal of approval to jump straight in.

Rob  Andrews