Tea Time Thursday: Seven Sentinels #1

Published on November 12th, 2009

Tea Time Thursday strikes once again! Following suit from last week’s review of an #1 comic, I’ve got a corker of an indie comic here that rocked my socks off. We’ll be changing the dials this week and I’m setting the tone to ‘sci-fi adventure’.

This week, I read Marc Olivent’s (who I hear has done some 2000AD work over the years) first issue of his own comic series; Seven Sentinels. Marc illustrates and writes these comics, and this series went on for a few issues I gather, and truly and honestly, im not surprised, as this has been one of the better comics that I’ve read and written about as a feature for Tea Time Thursday.

sevensentinelsThe premise for this series is that Earth has been run into the ground, shattered and reduced to ruins by an invading alien race called ‘The Geth’, who are a faction of a larger alien race called ‘The Vormans.’ Earth is still inhabited with humans, but only a few, who are scattered over the Earth, living in fear of their new alien masters who control Earth! Earth’s only hope was ‘The Questers’, an elite group of meta-humans who protected Earth when things got rough with the aliens, but they have become to word of legend now, and only 1 known Quester lives alive at the present moment. A good, futuristic, sci-fi action story, just what the doctor ordered!

So the one Quester we are introduced to in this first issue, is a rather muscular ‘Tom Strong’ looking man who goes by the name of Daler, and he is currently in hiding at a settlement called Praxon on Earth (which is where this issue primarily takes place for the first half of the long issue). A group of 3 Vormans come down in their sinister spacecraft, to investigate the appearance of a known Quester in the area, and guess what, Daler goes out and gives them whatfor. He puts up a damn good fight, and knocks down a fair few of these Geth aliens, and also shoots down their ship with his oversized handgun. He’s totally badass (as you can see him on the front cover, which is pictured above). But unfortunatly, he meets a grave end when he is blasted down by the leader of this crew of aliens called ‘Oriz’ who rather resembles Hellboy.

The Quester is dead. The last of the Questers… gone. In the first half of the first issue! Goodness gracious me. I was rather shocked and didn’t see that coming one bit!

But the second half deals with Oriz back in his headquaters, talking about how his alien race now has the upper hand over the insignificant humans, now that the last of the Questers has been killed. Famous last words for this ugly alien invader right? You guessed it, yep.

Because apparantly, there is another meta-human in one of these Earth settlements, who has the potential to become the last grain of hope for Earth, to become a Quester! We meet this woman (un-named as of yet) in the last part of the issue! She’s a rather attractive and obviously deadly woman, who is in a bar having a drink with a punk friend. It’s not long before she starts showing off her fighting skills when some drunken punk starts a fight with an innocent protecter of the Church. Little does this woman know however, that this man of the Church was out looking for the new Quester and had probably been watching her for some time. The issue ends with him saying to her, that she is going to become the last of the legendary QUESTERS!

Damn exciting stuff! This was really (as I’ve said) one of the better comics I’ve had to review for Tea Time Thursday. With an art style obviously taking influence from artists such as the awesome Mike Mignola (Hellboy/B.P.R.D) , and others such as Humberto Ramos, this is a beautiful looking peice to read through. All black and white, with nice simple ink work. The writting was gripping, the dialouge decent, but Marc’s ability to lay out the comic is what made it for me, and as he is both the writer and the artist, it’s probably in a way easier for him to peice this together in a way which he deems perfect by his own standards. Bloody hell, it payed off.

This issue was released, however, in 2007. It’s for mature readers, as the langauge and violence (and in one panel, nudity) is there, making it a better read in an arguably yay or nay cliche way. It’s priced at £2.00 ($4.00) and I’m not sure if it’s still available due to its release a few years back at the Birmingham Comic Convention. But if it is still available in my local comic shop, then it is probably still in print. The publisher, Engine Comics,  still have an up and running blog from the looks of things, which can easily be found on Google. Investigate, if you so wish, and check out this comic. I certainly loved it. And my biggest congratulations go out to Marc Olivent for this comic, even if my respects are being given a few years too late!

Rob Andrews