POW November 11 2009:Titans #19

Published on November 17th, 2009

Join the Dynamic Duo, Dana and Simon, for this weeks POW. It’s a Batastic week for comics, We finally find out how Dana feels about the Dick/Oracle love drama.  She also tries to explain how there are two Oliver Jonas “Ollie” Queen, in the same book.

Simon finds a book written by Joe Kelly featuring his boy Deadpool that he feels like tossing down the toilet.  Find out why Simon’s friend gave him a cursed Green Lantern toy.  The pair talks about how they want a darker Daredevil, (Simon still thinks it’s all an act, that Matt Murdock isn’t really blind) All this plus Dana’s pick of the week, Titans #19 by Comic Impact favorite, J.T. Krul, which inspires Dana to become an activist for gingers in comics.

Dana Shukartsi


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