POW October 28th 2009:Guardians of The Gaxlaxy #19

Published on November 3rd, 2009

Thanks for joining us for the Pick of the Week , on this especially hot week for new comic books! Your pilots for this week’s podcast are Simon, Sheldon and Rob. Dana is still dying, so she’s taking a breather this week. Rob gets the pick this week, and oh boy, does he have a selection to choose from. Infact, this week was pretty heavy on good books for all the guys. So this is one juicy podcast.

You’ll be glad to hear that Rob is always emotional when dogs die, and that he has a caring side when it comes to animals in pain. Sheldon still hates Blackest Night, and loves himself some sweet Marvel pie. Simon makes an odd lasagne referrence in regards to Bucky Cap, and we find out that he and Rob share a love for Kang, the multicoloured conqueror.

The reading list for this podcast is as follows, starting with Rob’s delicious POW; Guardians of the Galaxy #19. Followed by, New Avengers #58, Ultimate Comics Avengers #3, Secret Warriors #9, Dark Reign The List: The Punisher #1, Blackest Night #4, Blackest Night: Titans #3, Necrosha #1, New Mutants #6, Fantastic Four #572, Abe Sapien One Shot, Superman Secret Origin #2 and Arkham Reborn #1.

Rob Andrews


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