POW September 30th 2009:Marvel Zombies Return #5

Published on October 6th, 2009

Its Pick of The Week time, and it looks like we’re giving you a slightly more chilled out podcast with just Sheldon & Rob, who will take the reigns and ride this week’s comics into the distance like the giddy cowboys they strive to be (not just in their dreams).

Rob has the POW this time around, and we’ll give you 2 attemps to try and guess what he chose! Bareing in mind that Marvel Zombies Return: Avengers came out this week. So join the guys as they toss between them various thoughts about the comics they each read this week. Not to mention the guys get to talk smack about Simon as he’s not here this week, so listen in too hear their gossip on how they really feel about our ol’ pal Simon. Having said that, Rob finds it hard without Simon, as Sheldon openly expresses his dislike for Blackest Night, something which Rob and Simon will not stand for when side by side.

Discussed in this week’s episode are the POW which is Marvel Zombies Return: Avengers, and also the following of Amazing Spider-Man #607, New Mutants #5, X-Force #19, Thor #603, Hulk #15, Secret Warriors #8, Green Lantern #46 and Blackest Night: Titans #2.

Rob Andrews


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