POW October 7th 2009:Sweet Tooth #2

Published on October 14th, 2009

Hey Comic Impact listeners! Welcome back to the usual Pick Of The Week podcast for our weekly round up of the most thought provoking, and awesome comics. You’ll be glad to hear the beautiful voices of all four of the usual suspects amoungst the Comic Impact staff, as Dana, Simon, Sheldon & Rob sing heavenly songs for harmony and joy to you, in the form of comic reviews!

This episode is a special one, oh yes sir, as we find out about a big, big annoucment from Sheldon, that he is going to drop all his DC books! At this point, Aquaman will lift his zombiefied head up from a yummy corpse he’s currently feasting on and shout OUTRAGEOUS!”. You got that right Aquaman, that sure is outrageous, but tune into the show to find out just why exactly Sheldon dropped this bombshell on us all without warning! Also, listen out for Simon’s passionate talk about his love for good comics, regardless of whatever the rest of the guys have to say in opposition! Dana says she has love for the comics about babies, and Rob certainly does not agree. Plus, I can garuntee you guys will love the debate about 90s comics, and how Robert Kirkman is taking a step back in time with his latest Image title, which causes tension amoungst the Comic Impact team! All this and more, within!

Simon has the Pick of the week this time round, and he chooses Vertigo’s new title; ‘Sweet Tooth #2’ as his pick. Also talked about this week, are Haunt #1, Batman & Robin #5, Moon Knight #2, Dark Reign: The List -Secret Warriors, Deadpool #16, Daredevil #501, Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #3, Torch #2 & X-Babies #1.


Simon Daoudi

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