POW October 21th 2009:The Invincible Iron Man #19

Published on October 26th, 2009

It is time for this week’s POW. This week is just Simon and Sheldon,  Dana has been diagnosed with the Black Lantern plague and Rob is in Scotland.

Simon talks about Blackest Night Superman 3 0f 3 , Sheldon loves the art work on Hulk and Simon can’t stand it, thinks it’s some of the worst artwork around. Simon is more into word balloons in the all new Comic by A. J. Lieberman call  Cowboy Ninja Viking # 1. Both boys agree on their love of Iron Man and can’t wait for Stark Disassembled. The guys also cover   Amazing Spider-Man #609,Dark Avengers #10,Dark Reign: The List – Hulk (One-Shot), and  Incredible Hulk #603.

Sheldon Lee

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