Figure Friday: Blackest Night Earth 2 Superman

Published on October 30th, 2009

We have a great figure for you on this Halloween Eve. Keeping with our reviews of Geoff Johns’ Blackest Night figures, this week we have, back from the dead, Black Lantern Earth-2 Superman.

Package Description
The former Man of Steel from the parallel Earth-2 is the first to be revealed as a member of the Black Lantern Corps. The members of this corps share the standard of the Green Lantern villain Black Hand by symbolizing a total absence of emotion and life.

He has massive broad shoulders like superman but other than that, this scope is completely different from any other DC Direct and Matel line of superman figures. Great details all around! His hands are shriveled, boney and full of veins. Just as a proper corpse should be. His face is wrinkly, reminding me of Ronald Reagan, and his jaw is off center, making you think it could fall right off at any moment. It really is amazing how much detail they put into making him look like he has been dead a while. This figure also comes with a stand with the Black Lantern symbol on it.  It does not come with a Black Lantern battery though.

The body is hunched over and doesn’t stand upright, making him look like he is dragging his body a bit. He can do a kung fu kick but can’t stand while doing it. If you strung him up to the ceiling he would look pretty badass, danging in the air like he was flying. His head moves side to side but not up and down. there is no motion in torso. His knees do a cool trick, they bend and rotate a full 360 degrees. As with most DC Direct figures, there’s not much movement.

final score 5/10
If you want a figure who stands there looking badass and not really a toy to play with, than look no further. It’s truly creepy, looking like a real Black Lantern Ronald Reagan, oops! I mean Superman.

Next week we will be taking a look at Saint Walker. Let’s HOPE this figure turns out to be better than the rest.

Simon Daoudi