Pull List: September 10th 2009

Published on September 9th, 2009


I am sure your asking your self why are we posting the Comic Impact pull list today. Well Due to the Labor Day holiday here in the United States comics don’t come out today They will come out Thursday so here is what Sheldon,Simon,Dana will be reading this week. Rob will still get his comics on Thursday since he lives in  England..

Simon has the pick this week it is going to be a  hard week  for him since Blackest Night: Batman continues also is the end of the Dead@17 Afterbirth and there is a  all new G-Man Cape Crisis  and Kick-Ass # 7 is due to come out.Sheldon is counting down the hours before he can read The Marvels Project as Rob is having wet dreams of Marvel Zombies Return: Iron Man and Dana thinks she is part of the Soulfire universe.

Simon’s Pull List

Sheldon’s Pull List

Rob’s Pull List

Dana’s Pull List

Simon Daoudi