Sneak Peek: New Psylocke Series

Published on September 12th, 2009

sep090483Been enjoying Uncanny X-Men lately? Then you’ll notice that fan-favourite character, Psylocke had a recent comeback to the vast line up of X-Men currently in continuity! I may not be a huge fan of the character myself, but I know she’s a knockout with some of the more longtime X-fans out there, and no doubt those of you who are, will be happy to hear that the deadly dame in purple is getting her own series in November!

Coming Novemeber, we’ll see Christopher Yost picking up his writing pen once again, to deliver us this hopeful series. Not to mention, drawing this comic, is one of my favourite artists whose work on the Avengers: The Initiative Secret Invasion tie ins blew me away, it’s Harvey Tolibao!

And with an extremely sexy looking cover for the first issue by all-star artist, David Finch, I can’t see this first issue not selling out quickly in store later this year!

‘Psylocke has returned to the X-Men! Following the defeat of Madelyne Pryor and her Sisterhood, Psylocke travels to Japan to re-inter her former body in its proper resting place. But when a swarm of Hand ninjas attack Psylocke and do the unspeakable under orders from Matsu’o—the assassin originally responsible for transplanting Psylocke’s mind into the body of an Asian ninja—Psylocke determines that Matsu’o is one loose end that can no longer be left unresolved. It’s a tale of carnage and revenge, brought to you by superstars Chris Yost (X-Force) and Harvey Tolibao (Avengers: The Initiative)!’

So get pick up your katana’s, and put on your purple swimsuit’s, because Psylocke is making a comback!

Rob Andrews