POW September 23rd 2009:Detective Comics #857

Published on September 30th, 2009

We know it  is late but you still love us right ? Right? So why not join Simon,Dana,Sheldon as they do the Pick of the Week and see why it goes to Detective Comics #857.In this episode find out who Dana would like to see as a Black Lantern and how she feels like a school girl when she thinks of Mr. Fantastic. Sheldon and Simon both think that the black cat is HOT and are happy she is back in Amazing Spider-Man.

All this and find out what would make Dana cry in New Avengers and how Simon hates the NBA team the Atlanta Hawks  (even though they are a much better team then his Lakers) because of this past weekend. As the team talks about Marvel Zombie Hulk, Dark X-Men The Confession, Uncanny X-Men # 515 Fantastic Four #571, Amazing Spider-man #606,Immortal Weapons # 3,Superman Secret Origin #1, New Avengers # 57   and the POW Detective Comics #857.

Where is Rob? well he was so mad about Marvel Zombie Hulk that he took the week off.All this PLUS a little give away for some lucky listener!!! It true but I guess you will have to listen to the podcast to find out!

Sheldon Lee


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