POW September 2nd 2009:Marvel Zombies #1

Published on September 7th, 2009

Gather round one and all, and listen to the very first POW for the month of September, in this jolly year of two thousand and nine! Join the gang this week as Rob, Dana, Simon & Sheldon, discuss some of the comics that came out for what was an arguably slow week for new publishings. But fear not, as the guys manage to pick out the very best of the best, in what there was on offer!  Prepare to be scared out of your skin, as Rob reveals he may not be the true Matt Fraction fan that he lets on to be, that Simon got a little ‘too’ excited about a second helping of Deadpool in two weeks, that Dana is heartless and doesn’t care much for hybrid children, and that Sheldon… well, that he’s still madly in love with a certain Mr. Ed!

Rob has the Pick of the Week this time round, and believe it or not, but he rather predictably went with Marvel Zombies Return: Spider-Man. Also discussed, is Incognito #6, Greek Street #3, Sweet Tooth #1, Fall Out Toy Works #1, The Torch #1 (of 8),  Deadpool #15, Ghost Riders: Heaven’s Fire #2 (0f 6), Immortal Weapons #2 (of 5),  Invincible Iron Man # 17 and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2.

Rob Andrews


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