POW September 16th 2009:Executive Assistant Iris #3

Published on September 21st, 2009

Welcome back one and all, to the Pick Of The Week podcast for the comics of September 16th 2009. After Simon got his pick last week, now it’s Dana’s turn to have her pick, but surprisingly she doesn’t chose the second issue of a series that got its first issue as a Pick of the Week a while back.

So sit in, open wide, and let Simon, Dana & Rob give you your weekly dose of hardcore comic-book banter. It’s a Sheldon-less show this week unfortunatly, because on Sunday it was his birthday, so we told him to take a break, to kick back and relax (although he’ll probably be using this time to come up with Anti-Blackest Night and Anti-Deadpool propaganda flyers to post through his neighbor’s mail boxes).

Dana choses Executive Assistant Iris #3, by Aspen Comics, as her pick of the week today. Also covered in this podcast are Blackest Night #3, Batman & Robin #4, Batgirl #2, Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1, Marvel Zombies Return: Wolverine, Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Anti Venom; New Ways To Live #1 (of 3), Dark Wolverine #78, Dark Reign: The List: Daredevil & Invincible Iron Man #18.

Also, hear about Rob’s business scheme to set about a ringtone section on the Comic Impact website. Dana’s irredeemable crimes against humanity for not knowing who Simon Pegg is, and hating Blackest Night, and how Simon hates The Sentry and the prenunciation of the name ‘Daken’. But poor Sheldon doesn’t get to pay his respects too his beloved Mr. Ed this week though, so Simon, Dana & Rob feel they must compensate for that by proving their love to certain writers!

Rob Andrews


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