Manga Monday: Chobits

Published on September 14th, 2009

I am finally back! After finishing off at university, going to PAX and getting sick while I was there, I can say I am back brining you Manga Monday even though I’m sure most of you skip it.

Anyway this week we look at the super popular and slightly odd manga known as Chobits.

chobits6Chobits was written by one of the most famous groups, known as Clamp. It was started in February 2001 and ran until November 2002 and spanned only 8 volumes. Now Chobits is a bit of an odd one as due to its romantic themes, hapless hero and ‘girly’ art style it is commonly taken as a Shojo, or manga for girls, however it isn’t quite the case.

The story focuses on Hideki Motosuwa a university student who wants nothing more than to find a girlfriend (or get laid) and have a persocom. Now Persocoms are pretty much robots, except they look almost identical to humans and often as very pretty girls, they are however VERY expensive. Hideki happens to find one thrown out in the garbage one night and decides to claim it as his very own, and yes, the hilarious task of finding the ‘on switch’ is over when he discovers that between her legs is the only place he hasn’t looked.

Once on however it appears Chi isn’t all that great. While totally adorable she is practically useless as she can only say her own name and can’t perform any of the tasks a normal persacom would perform for its master! While help from his friends and a few super geniuses, Hediki discovers that Chi is a ‘custom’ persocom; one with a very odd past.

The story then takes two very different themes, the first is of a comedy with a sexual twist, for example Hideki trying to get Chi to go shopping for panties, and the second is that of the developing feelings between human and robot.

The first theme helps the story stay amusing, cute and hilarious while the second makes the manga feel deep and stops the slightly sexual humour from cheapening the over all feel you get when reading it.

Chobits is another of the ‘iconic’ mangas, it’s another that everyone has either read or at least seen as the anime. Its huge popularity has also lead to many cosplayers recreating some of the amazing clothes that Chi wears.

Another perfect read for those still testing that manga infested waters. It is beautiful to look at, beautiful to read and you may even get a laugh out of it to.

Hollie ‘Pheoinx likes panties’ Bennett