Reviews: The New Invaders

Published on September 15th, 2009

Occasionally when you focus a camera you noticed things that are the same but different, by that I mean that they are a bit blurry and not in focus to what will hopefully be a crisp, clear picture. Almost a doppelganger of what will be. The New Invaders written by Allan Jacobson with art by C.P. Smith and Jorge Lucas was that for me in a GREAT way.


The New Invaders Trade collects issues 1- 9 of the series and features Cap Johnny Walker, The Thin Man, Spit Fire, Namor, Joseph Chapman AKA Union Jack and The Blazing Skull. Just to name a few. The story itself takes us all over the world and lays a lot of the foundation for things still occurring in the Marvel Universe. What works so well with this team up and the story itself is that it feels young and adventures. It gives you secret organizations and multiple layers of story and lets you get to know old characters in a new way. There is something to be said about Allan Jacobs writing as well as it is paced well and keeps you entertained and even laughing which is not something I would though I would get from this book at all. The artwork is also pretty amazing!! C.P. Smith’s costume redesign on this book is phenomenal especially what he does with Johnny “Cap” Walker. Smith gives Cap a more toned down and covered up look by putting a Bullet proof vest on him and giving him cargo military pants as well as different shields in his arsenal.

The Arch covers To End All Wars parts 1, 2, 3 as well as Blood 1 and 2, Oil and Water, and ending with Cruel and Unusual. I was not as familiar with the original Invaders before reading this book however since reading this I have gone back and read past Invaders books and in many ways I feel this book is keeping the original feel of the team but making it dirtier which is what Marvel seems to be doing with the entire 616 Universe.

If you are or have been a fan of Captain Britain and MI -13, Invaders/Avengers, New Avengers, or Captain America I would say this is a must read for you. There are so many elements of fun to this book that it makes you wish these New Invaders had stuck around. If you don’t believe me check out the trade as the price is worth the admission.

Sheldon Lee

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