Collecting: DC Universe Classics wave 12

Published on September 17th, 2009

Is it spring 2010 yet? If it is, then I want my Darkseid DC Universe Classics wave 12.  Mattel has sent out new photos of the recently-revealed upcoming wave 12 figures. In this line we’re going  to get (presented here in alphabetical order):

•    Copperhead
•    Darkseid (Collect & Connect figure)
•    Desaad (with Brain Shock Machine!)
•    Dr Mid-Nite (with Charlie!)
•    Eclipso
•    Iron (with real metal parts!)
•    Mary Marvel (will have a white variant, not shown)
•    Spectre (with glow-in-the-dark skin!)


Also it looks like this is a NEW Darkseid, not the 2006 DC Super Heroes version. Fun Fact: Did you know that I  want a Darkseid tattoo comic impact readers ?

Simon Daoudi